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The Art of Making a Good Rifle Shoot Great

By: Alex J. Sitman, owner
Master Class Stocks, Inc.

The foundation of each and every stock built at Master Class is the bedding, that crucial fit of the action to the stock. It is my opinion that pillar bedding, properly done, is the best system to make the stock and action as one.

First, the pillars when mated to the action, keep the receiver screws not only in proper alignment to the action, but also insure that when torqued down, the action is being drawn down squarely into the stock. This proper alignment also insures that the receiver screw head comes in proper contact with the pillar, keeping the rifle the same torque value shot after shot.

Secondly, the use of a good bedding compound (we like Devcon Plastic Steel Putty) mates the stock 100% to the action. We feel this reduces excessive stress on the action during firing. We also feel that thin bedding, although better than nothing, is inferior over the long haul in keeping a rifle “on call”. We bed at least 1/8” thick under the action area and up to 1/4" thick around the lug and pillars. We feel this is the best way to stabilize all stocks, regardless of the material being used.

Over the past 18 years I have developed a system for this style of bedding that has been proven effective in every avenue of shooting. From setting World and National Records on some of the toughest firing lines in America to Big Game Hunters bagging game from Africa to the Artic Circle, our techniques have been proven time and time again.

After the rifle is properly bedded, we take the time to epoxy seal the barrel channel and all interior cuts. This serves two purposes. First, it seals the stock, whether fiberglass or wood, against the elements. Secondly, it seals the trigger housing area from allowing dust and fibers from getting into the expensive match grade triggers.

By now you can see at Master Class we bed rifles with a passion. Every job is as neat inside as out. And we guarantee it.


Pillarbedding shown on an Anschultz target rifle. Aluminum lug is also installed and fitted to the action for easier location of the barreled action. As in all bedding jobs, all interior stock cuts are sealed against the elements and protected against unwanted dust and dirt from getting into the trigger housing.



Pillarbedding shown for a Remington Model 700 style action.



Pillarbedding shown on a 3 screw RPA Quadlite action.

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